Some of you may be really confused about the game.
Sometimes because the game is really hard, or maybe you ran into a bug (im sorry for that)
I hope you can finish the game with a little help of this guide.

First Part - The Forest

Go Forth
Take a doll
Go back
Go right
Into the shed
Look into the pram
Take the crucifix
Place the doll instead
Go back to the beginning.
Go Forth
Open inventory
Choose the crucifix
Press at the Dark Man
Go forth
Go left
Take the hook
Go back
Go right
Take the rope
Go back to the beginning
Go left
Look into the well
Open inventory
Combine rope and hook
Use it to take the key
Go to the basement doot
Open it up

Second part - The Basement

The dark man appears
Take out a crucifix and press at him
Take a look at the poster
Go Forth

Third part - The House

Pick up the note on a window
Look right
Go to the second floor
Pick up a broom
Press the bucket to reval another note

Go to 201
Pick up the tape
Use it on a recorder
Pick up a scalpel
Poke the painting that in front of you
Leave 201

Go to the bathroom
Press the toilet to get the key
Leave the bathroom

Use the key on a dining room door
Enter dining room
Use a broom on the ceilling twice
Take a look at the right window
Pick up another tape
Leave the dining room

Enter 201
Listen to the new tape
Leave the 201

Enter the dining room
Use a scalpel on the dead body
Press the place you cut to take out the key
Leave the dining room

Go downstairs
Use the key on a medkit shelf
Open it
Take another tape

Go to the 201
Listen to the tape
Go downstairs
Pick up the phone
Call 202
Go upstairs
The 202 door is now open

Enter the 202
Pick-up the flashlight under the bed
Use the typewriter
See the code on the painting
Leave the 202

Enter 201
Use the safe
Enter the code 2780 (Right Turn,Left Turn, Right Turn, Left Turn)
Pick up another Tape
Pick up the Key
Listen to the tape
Leave the 201

Use the key on a janitor's door
Enter the Janitor's
Turn the flashlight on
Poke the hat
Pick up the note
Use the casket
Enter codes:
Pick-up the gun and the key
Leave the Janitor's

Use the key to open 203
Enter 203
Press the little box at the left
Pick up the bullet
Press at the woman
Take a note from her hands
Leave the 203

Enter the bathroom
Wait for a sec.
Press the shelf at the right
Pick up the Soda
Use the water tap
Use soda on the water
Leave the bathroom

Enter the Janitor's
Press on the poster three times
Pour soda on a lever
Pull the lever
Leave the Janitor's

Climb the ladder
Look into the hole at the right
Turn on the flashlight
Pick up an Axe
Turn the stones
(Left one
-top:leave as it is
-middle:press two times
-bottom:press two times)

(Right one
-top:press once
-middle:press once
-bottom: press once)

Kill the worm with a gun
Take the key from it's neck
Go downstairs
Kill the headless man with an Axe
Go to the first floor
Look left
Press the book
Pick up the bullet
Go upstairs
Open Mr.Woods office with the key
Enter Mr.Woods office
Listen to him
Shoot the bastard